Persuasion Coaching and Mentoring

On one of my seminars I regularly tell the story of a kitchen salesman who had made absolutely no sales in over six weeks. After just one coaching session lasting three hours he went on to bring in over £160,000 worth of business the following six weeks. How much business are you or your team walking away from every day? If we increased your turn over by 5%, 10% or even 15% how much would that be worth to you? Some of my clients have experienced increases of more than 100% almost immediately after the first few sessions!

Our coaching and mentoring programmes are designed to get very specific with you and your business. And to give support and guidance when you need it.

Coaching and Mentoring Objectives

  • Support and direction when you need it
  • Be-spoke coaching to meet specific needs of your business
  • Prepare for important events, presentations, meetings and negotiations
  • Marketing material, sales pitches and proposals
  • Develop linguistic devices to gain great leverage over negotiations
  • Destroy objections from clients with ease
  • Motivate and influence staff/sales team
  • Minimise resistance to your sales message
  • Set and reach personal and professional objectives
  • Develop a much more powerful sales presentation
  • Develop superior client interfacing skills and business relationships
  • Keep focused and positive

“ Working with Brian the last couple of months has been a life changing event. Not only do I feel more focused and motivated we have experienced our best two months in a row since we started Simplicity nearly three years ago. Plus this month has superseded the previous two and we are only half way through! Our marketing response is up by 300% Profits have increased by 150%.”

Gordon Dow
Simplicity Training ltd

Who is it for?

Managers, Company Directors, Sales Managers/ professionals and anyone who needs:

  • Specific real time support
  • On going coaching relationship
  • Integrate all aspects of persuasion into their business
  • Continue their personal and professional development
  • Extend their skills to a higher level from our other programmes
  • Take their business or career to a higher level

Programmes run for 30-day intervals if multiple intervals, combined programmes are booked discounts can be obtained.

Format # 1 On-going support as needed. Up to two phone calls a week and five e-mails received within customer business hours. Calls and e-mails are not cumulative and cannot be carried over to succeeding weeks.

Format # 2 Premium access. As many e-mails, phone calls as required not subject to business hours e.g. a weekend call maybe required in anticipation of a Monday meeting.

Format # 3 Structured Mentoring. This is a custom structured programme designed to develop skills and methods to deal with most situations specifically in your business. These will consist of four two hourly face-to-face meetings to cover your exact requirements. To be defined at initial meeting. Scheduled once a week or agreed otherwise.

Format # 4 Performance Acceleration Process™ plus any of the above in combination. This a powerful coaching process designed to rapidly remove personal obstacles and issues that maybe holding you back from progressing. This may be recommended if you have emotional or psychological issues that may need to be resolved before moving on to reach your goals. More info

These programmes can be combined for maximum effectiveness and to assist you reach your goals as quickly as possible. They are also a good way to integrate develop and customise the skills taught on our other programmes Mind Persuasion™ and Hypnotic PowerPoint™. These are also guidelines we may suggest custom programme to assist you reach certain goals.


Format # 1 £500
Format # 2 £800
Format # 3 £1000
Format # 4 £1000
(plus additional fee depending on other options chosen at a 15% discount)

How to enrol
In order to keep a high quality service places are limited on a first come first serve basis. First step is to give us a call so we can discuss your situation and I can recommend the best possible solution for you. On agreement you will then be invoiced and payment will be received in full before commencement of the programme.
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