Stop walking away from £100,000s worth of business

Hypnotic PowerPointYou might find this strange but this one day programme isn’t about PowerPoint it’s about opening unconscious paths of communication that naturally lead to more business.

For our purpose a presentation is any business meeting: one-to-one, face-to-face, on the telephone, small or large groups, formal or informal, infact anywhere, where you need to get your message over in a persuasive manner. Imagine being able to gain credibility, minimize resistance and penetrate deep into the minds of your clients all within the first few minutes of your presentation? This programme will teach you how to develop,structure and sequence your information to do exactly that.

Objectives of the course

  • Take the guesswork out of compelling presentations
  • Structure your presentation to reach everyone in any group
  • Lead your prospects into deeply receptive states
  • Develop stories and metaphors for maximum leverage
  • Differentiate and position yourself ahead of your competitors
  • Systematically and rapidly minimize resistance to your message
  • Overcome objections before they arise
  • When to and when not to use visual aids such as PowerPoint
  • Outlines for sales presentations, networking, elevator speeches and written material

Who is this for? – Anyone who persuades or presents for a living

Company Directors, Managers, Sales Managers/Professionals, Creatives, Accountants, Financial services, Lawyers and anyone who wants: to exceed personal and professional limits, dramatically increase sales, influence and persuade others.

"I closed five deals of the approximate value of between £35,000 and £45,000. This earned me £17,000 clear profit within a month of doing the Hypnotic PowerPoint course. These were extremely tough negotiations. I used the material and work from the course and could not have done this without it."

Lorna Pellet, Managing Director
Graduates For Growth

What if you attend?
You will leave with a complete structure for any presentation and persuasive material developed specifically for you. Please note this course isn't for everybody you will need to put in some effort and learn techniques that may be uncomfortable at first.

These programmes are available in-house And very occasionally publicly. Contact us for details.
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