High Performance Mindset and Powerful Persuasion Skills in 2 days

Mind Persuasion™ be truly mesmerized by Advanced Mind’s revolutionary flagship programme that lays down the foundation for you and/or your team to make rapid lasting dramatic improvements in both business and personal performance. Spend only 2 days and accelerate the professional development of both your individuals and teams to easily get the results you want.

“I am amazed by the after affects of the course .I don’t know how but something has changed inside me…. I feel more confident and clients with whom I had a previous problem selling to are now being very nice to me. My sales DOUBLED immediately the following month ....Six months later I still I feel motivated and focused and my sales have increased by around 10 percent consitently every month since. Needless to say I am very pleased with the results and cannot recommend this programme enough ”

Lorriaine Forsyth - Sales Manager
Sign-a-Rama Edinburgh

Who is it for?

Company Directors, Managers, Sales Managers/Professionals, Creatives, Accountants, Financial services, Lawyers and anyone who wants: to exceed personal and professional limits, superior client interfacing skills, dramatically increase sales, influence and persuade others.

Here's just some of what you will soon discover:

  • The fastest way to minimise stress and increase profits
  • Replace bad habits with empowering new behaviours
  • The real key to success - how to build and lock in a powerful persuasive mindset and self image
  • The most important thing you need to know to successfully make dramatic positive changes in business and personal life - how to destroy the unconscious resistance from others that will sabotage your success!
  • Energy constructs - how to influence others using energy - you will wonder how you got along without this!
  • A simple technique that will easily enable you to build trust and rapport instantly with everyone you meet - you don't want to miss this!
  • Emotional doorways - Rapidly open unconscious channels of communication in your prospects or clients that naturally lead to more business in fact anything you want - you will love this!
  • How a simple twist on one simple word that could make or lose you many thousands of pounds worth of business! - you really need to know this!
  • 17 MIND ALTERING Persuasion language templates to programme your self for success and have compliant like influence over others.
  • Directive body language and non verbal behaviour to lead your prospects/clients where you want them to - this could be responsible for earning you many thousands of pounds!

All this and much more can be yours in only a few days!

“ Not only have I experienced a dramatic shift in perception making problems less significant, I have also noticed a massive increase in my ability to influence my clients. This is making selling my services so much easier! Instead of chasing clients they are calling me this never happened before!”

Chris Glen - Director
Blue Kite Communications

What results can you expect?

Sales people, Managers, Directors and other professionals that have attended this programme have experienced measurable and some times dramatic results almost immediately after the course including: increased energy levels, more confidence, increased sales and ability to persuade others.

"Wow this stuff is powerful! A week after the course I closed three clients that had been sitting on the fence nearly a year. I can’t believe it took me a year! Also associates and colleagues are noticing a positive change in me for the better. "

Martin Viviani - Director
Edinburgh Financial Solutions


These programmes are available in-house And very occasionally publicly.

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