About Brian

Brian is an entrepreneur who has had a life long fascination with the unconscious processes and potential of the human mind.

His clients experience rapid and measurable results and often successfully reach objectives where all other approaches have failed. Brian has worked with and empowered many diverse individuals and organizations including: professional sports people, company directors, voluntary sector, musicians, financial service professionals, business consultants, sales professionals, local government and the general public.
Brian started as a Stage Hypnotist and gained his first hypnosis certification in 1988 and was then subsequently certified in NLP in 1993. He has appeared on TV, in the Press and on radio for his developmental work on Mass Hypnotic Communication and Coaching.

He is also a psychological illusionist and has coached many professional performers worldwide. His influence can be seen all over the world within live performances and TV including America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Brian is known for his creativity and draws upon 20 years experience in advertising, entertainment, therapy and coaching to provide an engaging and transformational learning experience for his clients.

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