Now instead of being in counselling or a coaching situation for many months or years you can remove personal
obstacles to success in one day!

Performance Acceleration Process™
reflects the change and evolution of modern day therapy with, the most transformative work in the shortest amount of time. This very successful process moves clients beyond therapy/coaching to “personal consulting”.

This is a powerful rapid one-to-one process for individuals who are ready to realize more of their full potential and move beyond personal blocks, resolve emotional and psychological issues that are in the way of personal life and career or business. What would normally take many months with a standard coach or counsellor can now be achieved within a day.

Who is it for?

Managers, Company Directors, Sales Managers/ professionals and anyone who wants to:
Uncover and dissolve limiting decisions, beliefs and, obstacles blocking performance and standing between you and your goals.

  • Replace unwanted habits and compulsions with new empowering behaviours.
  • Resolve internal conflicts that are draining your energy and waste time, causing you to feel like you're not in control and overwhelmed by outside events.
  • Release unresolved negative emotions such as anger, fear, sadness and guilt easily and safely in one session.
  • Align personal values to support you in achieving your goals. Feel your energy increase as you are compelled toward the future you desire.
  • Program your future and give your unconscious mind a whole new direction

What Results Can You Expect?

Sales people, Managers, Company Directors and others who experience this process find improvements in many areas of their life. Sales and/or productivity levels immediately increase. Stress is reduced or becomes a positive challenge and personal relationships also benefit. Personal issues disappear and are replaced with a surge of energy that propels them towards their goals automatically. Many perceived obstacles dissolve allowing the completion of tasks that were once difficult, but are now effortless.

“Talk about a change in mindset! I must admit that it has taken me a bit by surprise ... I knew that it would have an effect but not quite as powerfully. Even when something has happened that would have floored me ... I can only see it something that needs resolving with an edge.”

Martin Viviani Director
Edinburgh Financial Solutions

"I have been able to concentrate more. I feel more energised and able to carry tasks through to their conclusion. I had not been like this for some time since my husband died. I have cut down my drinking habits by three quarters at least. It has changed my perspective on past and present and given me a new enthusiasm for the future.I have also overcome a fear of crossing bridges which I have had since early childhood."

Margaret Watson
Admin Local Education

"After working with Brian I felt in control for the first time in over two years. He had me off prescribed pills within two months and I was able to complete a business degree, which I was going to drop and I was also seriously considering leaving my job. Brian’s skill and patience helped me back to full mental fitness when all other routes failed."

Scot Niel
Manager Local Government

Reflecting back on the process after 12 months, most people are amazed by how much they have accomplished, and how life in general is more satisfying, more rewarding. Please note this isn't for everybody give us a call and we can discuss whether this is or isn't the right process for you.

If all you want to do is achieve more then this program is designed to get you into high gear. Performance Acceleration Process can be delivered as part of an ongoing coaching programme to meet specific objectives.

Investment : £1500 (includes follow up telecoaching)

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