Are You Struggling To Meet Budgets And Sales Targets?

Are you finding marketing and selling your products and/or services a huge challenge? Are your sales team demoralized and stressed by regularly walking away from prospects that should really be big paying clients or customers?

It’s time to get the right process

When your marketing and sales teams are equipped with a powerful persuasion process, mindset, skills and tools specifically for your industry then your sales process becomes smoother, your team becomes highly energised, and your sales figures rise dramatically. Life is a lot easier, budgets and targets are met and your clients are much happier with your service.

If it’s that easy why don’t all companies thrive?

Many sales and marketing teams tend to be ill equipped with out-dated, ineffective sales and marketing programmes that use traditional off-the-shelf sales trainings that don’t take into account that modern prospects have developed a resistance to “sales pitches”. What used to work yesterday no longer works today.

Build your own highly effective program

We can deliver a powerful program of persuasion that will; assist your sales team remove self doubt, fear and raise their expectations. Create and exploit strategies designed specifically for your clients and your industry. Rapidly hardwire your team’s skills so they become automatic making an immediate impact on your bottom line.

Business Persuasion

We have spent 18 years researching motivation and performance related subjects. We have created a series of programs that are designed to get to the heart of what motivates both sales people to perform and clients or customers to buy. We provide sales teams with the proper mindset, skills and behavioural changes to literally build your company into the minds of your potential customers and clients as their only choice.

We have helped many sales and business people double, triple and even break sales records within a short period of time

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Our programmes are about improving your performance we guarantee if you follow closely a complete programme you will increase your sales and/or value of sales by a minimum of 10%. Or we will continue to work with you until you achieve this at no extra cost. (So a company that makes sales of £5,000,000 10% = £500,000.)
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