Persuasion Vs Manipulation

The four fundamental guidelines for integrity and long-term success

True ethical persuasion is a process that has the best interest of both parties at heart - and will lead a client or prospect to a conclusion that will enable both parties to get what they want. You really need to know this because violation of this basic principle will result in negative consequences in the long-term. The following four fundamental guidelines will assist you keep on the right track and ensure long-term success for both you and your clients.

1 Be persuasive not manipulative

The main difference between manipulation and persuasion is that one is self serving while the other is focused towards serving the client/prospect. Persuasion should come from the intention of assisting others to make decisions that will get them what they want. “Do unto others what you would have done to you” is a relevant phrase to keep in mind. Use psychological persuasive techniques only to remove obstacles and move clients to places that are beneficial and desirable to them.

2 Focus on helping others and you will be rewarded as a by product

Programming your unconscious behaviour to become client-focused and motivated to help others get what they want will become a magnetic quality that will make you very attractive to others. This alone will considerably increase your ability to persuade. Your service, product or offer should be in alignment with your clients needs if you cannot discover a need then always walk away.

3 Create win/win solutions for long-term success

The long-term success of the persuader depends upon creating win/win solutions. Always work towards mutual needs being met. Discover and define what your client's needs are.Be clear why you are in front of your prospect and what you need in return and be prepared to walk away if it is not forth coming. Selling yourself short will eventually lead to resentment which in the long-term will not serve your prospect/client well. Setting up boundaries at the very start will also transmit confidence and respect. It is a true saying “if you look hungry you will never get fed”.

4 Never use persuasive techniques to get what you want at the expense of others

Persuasion techniques can be used without doubt to manipulate and get others to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. However any success will be short lived and the repercussions very damaging to the reputation and long-term success of the persuader. If you are not a good match and cannot identify a way to help your client/prospect to improve their condition always walk away. There are plenty other prospects that will be a good match.

Sometimes it might be ethical to lead someone down a path that they wouldn’t normally take if it leads them to the final destination they desire.

With learning powerful Mind Persuasion™ techniques comes great responsibility and power. Keeping to those four fundamental guidelines will not only make you more persuasive in the long run but also ensure your long-term success.

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