"Who else wants to learn how to
persuade others and create
dramatic results for their business?"

Lets face it today’s market is overcrowded. You have to compete with direct competition plus thousands of other companies struggling to get your clients or customers attention.

Potential clients have developed a resistance to traditional sales pitches. The slightest sign of being sold and they close down like a tonne of bricks. What worked yesterday no longer works today.

I can show you how to seamlessly integrate subtle but powerful persuasion and influence techniques into your business. Teach you how to bypass the sales radar and give you a powerful advantage over your competition.

With advanced persuasion skills you will easily:

  • Negotiate and close more deals faster with less stress, less work
  • Rapidly build and maintain relationships with your clients
  • Develop confidence and unshakable belief
  • Naturally attract the right people and circumstances into your life
  • Motivate your workforce to high performance and increased profits
  • Rapidly increase your income and achieve your goals

Advanced Mind Persuasion is a result of more than 20 years experience working within the diverse fields of Advertising, Stage Hypnosis, NLP Coaching and Therapy, Meditation, Sales and Direct Response Marketing.

Over that time I've studied and dissected many psychological disciplines and mind systems. I've created a complete system that can enable Entrepreneurs, Business and Sales People to move swiftly to the top of their field.

Its not unusual for some clients to double or even triple their sales. below are some of the results our clients are getting.

"We had an exceptional month after working with Advanced Mind. We experienced measurable results the day after the programme and created a new sales record 2 weeks later."

David Stephenson, Sales Manager
Mercedes Benz Western Motors

"After taking Brian's advice we had a meeting with a major financial player. We extended their initial £250,000 donation to a commitment to see the £1,000,000 project through to completion. We also got every additional benefit possible with ease"

Frances Benton, Head Fund Raising
Barnardos Scotla

"I closed five deals of the approximate value of between £35,000 and £45,000. A total of more than £200,000. This earned me £17,000 clear profit within a month of doing the Hypnotic Business Presentations Programme. These were extremely tough negotiations. I used the material and work from the course and could not have done this without it."

Lorna Pellet, Managing Director
Graduates For Growth

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